Sunday, November 19, 2017



This week the Kauri Team are undertaking various STEM challenges, in room 21 the challenge is to find out who stole Miss Williams cake.

Check out the crime scene

But there is no reason to fret, the amazing CPDS (Children's Police Department Students) are on the case!

Have a look at the suspects in the fingerprint database

We spent all day analysing the evidence and coming up with theories of who the culprit might be.

We are yet to discover who stole the cake, check back in tomorrow to see if we can catch the thief!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Wizard Soap

Today in Potions class we learnt how to make wizard soap.

Question: What will happen if we cook soap in the microwave?

1 bar of soap
1 microwave safe dish

1. Unwrap the bar of soap and place it in the middle of the microwave safe dish.
2. Place the dish in the microwave and cook the soap on high for 2-3 minutes.
3. Observe what happens

We hypothesised that it would



And now for the results...

We now have a lump of bubbly wizard soap that will clean up even the most stubborn potions, and make sure our hands are clean of all chemicals before we eat our lunch!

Serpentine Sand

Welcome to potions class where, today, we grew snakes from the sand. All we needed was some ground horn of bicorn, powdered basilisk skin, and a little dragon saliva; otherwise known as baking powder, icing sugar, and methylated spirits.

Stay tuned for more Harry Potter science experiments and activities from this week.

CPDS or Hogwarts!?

This week room 21 has undergone a magical makeover, it looks more like the potions dungeon at Hogwarts than a muggle classroom.

That's right... it is Harry Potter week in room 21

We were surprised to come back from Quidditch Practice (PE) on Monday morning to find bubbling liquids around our classroom. We soon learnt that the misty smoke was made by dry ice, or Carbon Dioxide gas.

We decided to experiment with the dry ice to see how we could make the most bubbles and mist.

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