Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spider Week: Interesting Videos

We have found out some really interesting things while watching some videos this week. We thought we would share them with you so you can learn more about spiders too.

Spider Week: Making Connections

There has been a lot going on in Room 21 this week with all our learning about spiders. We have been reading about spiders, observing spiders, drawing spiders, watching videos about spiders, making presentations about spiders, and writing stories as if we were a spider.

Mrs Wood even sent us a toy spider and asked us to find out what was wrong with it.

We managed to find not only 3, but 9 things that were wrong.
1. It is yellow, spiders aren't yellow.
2. It only has 2 eyes, spiders normally have 8 eyes.
3. It has 3 body parts, spiders only have 2 parts, the cephalothorax and the abdomen
4. It does not have spinnerets (the part that makes the web)
5. It has no hairs, spiders have small hairs on them.
6.It has no palps. Did you know you can tell if a spider is a boy by looking at the palps. If they are big, like boxing gloves, it means that the spider is a boy.
7. Its legs are stuck together, webbed.
8. The spider is smiling.
9. It is made of plastic.

Thanks for the challenge Mrs Wood!

Spider Week: What do spiders eat?

Spider week is going great. We have had 3 more spiders join our class, we had to start thinking about what to feed them. We looked up what spiders eat. We now know that they are carnivores and they eat insects and other spiders. On Wednesday morning we went bug hunting to find them some food and we managed to catch this cicada.

We realised it was a lot bigger than our spiders though, so after observing it for the morning we released it outside. We did manage to catch a few moths for our spiders to eat.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Spider Week

After finding a spider outside our classroom last week, we had lots of questions about spiders. 

Introducing SPIDER WEEK!

This week in room 21 everything we are doing is related to spiders!

Today Miss Williams found a spider in the staff room. She managed to catch it in a bug container. We looked at it closely and did observational drawings of the spider. We then wrote about the spider. Check out some of our work below.

Cacti and Reading

Last week during reading we have been working on our school dispositions. The tasks we have been doing have required us to be self-managing, curious, flexible, connected, reflective and creative.

The Ravenclaw group were reading an article all about cacti and succulents. They showed their creativity by creating this origami cactus garden