Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Can you identify this spider?

Today after morning tea, we found a spider on the wall outside our classroom.

We put on our scientist hats to try and figure out what type of spider it might be.

We think it could be wolf spider because the wolf spider has long legs and so does ours.

Wolf Spider

It could also be a grey house spider because there is an untidy web on the light outside our class, just like the grey house's web. It also has brown dots on its back and it looks the same colour.

Grey house spider

The web under the light

Can you help us identify it?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Chinese New Year

On Friday February 10th Cornwall Park School celebrated Chinese New Year. There were lots of activities happening throughout the day. In Room 21 we made paper lanterns and cherry blossom art. We also learnt how to write happy new year in Chinese calligraphy. Have a look at the photos to see what we got up to.

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to see a performance from a dragon and drums group. We got to see the lion dancing and being playful. He even stood on 2 feet to reach a hanging lettuce. After lunch some of the classes shared some performances. One of the grandmas did a tai chi dance with a sword.

We wish you a happy year of the rooster from everyone in Room 21

Tagul Self-Portaits

Last week we created self portraits using a website called tagul.com. Have a look below and see if you can figure out who is who.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Treaty of Waitangi

We have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi. We watched a video about the people and events that led to the Treaty then we made our own videos to explain what happened. Check out the video this group made.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Getting to know room 21

We spent the first week of school getting to know each other in room 21. We made these hot air balloons to help us share all about us. Stop by our class to have a closer look.